Community Impact Planner

Welcome to the Community Impact Planner. Here you can plan your project using three easy tools. Jump straight in by selecting a tool or, if you’d like to read more about each tool, click the help icon on the right.

Start with the change you want to see:

Understand your vision

Use a Theory of Change to create a clear overall vision for your project. This tool covers what issue your project will address, how it will address it and what outcomes it will achieve.

Plan your impact

Use a Logic Model to plan out your project in more detail and identify how the project will have an impact.

Measure your outcomes

Use an Evaluation Planner to outline how you’ll measure the success of your project. This includes planning what data you’ll need to collect to track your outcomes.

  • in depth look at planning your impact
    Welcome to the Community Impact Planner

    Plan your project using three easy tools. Understand your vision, plan your impact and decide how you will evaluate the outcomes.

  • 3 different tools
    Complete the tools you need

    We have three independent tools to suit your specific needs. We recommend doing all three in order but if you’ve already done some planning you can use whichever tools you want.

  • save and continue button
    Save and resume at any time

    When you save your plan we’ll send you an email with a PDF of your current progress. This email will also contain a link that will allow you to resume editing your project.

    Save your work at any time and with complete confidence. Only you, and the people you have shared the link with, can access your plan.

  • export button
    Export as a clear and shareable PDF

    Export as a pdf and share with your team or stakeholders.